Camping de la Diable Mont-Tremblant

Located in the heart of the renowned Laurentians

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* Taxes included
For 2 adults / 3 children
Additional adult : $14 per night
Additional child: $8 per night

Check in early: $25 (if available)
Late departure: $25 until 9 pm (if available)
*During your stay, check in time is at 2 pm and departure time at 1 pm.

CURFEW 11P.M.- After 11 p.m., we demand absolute silence around the fire. Peace of mind and respect for all are an integral part of our priorities.


*Price per night

Without service


$52 - riverside

2 services / water, electricity


$66 - riverside

3 services / water, electricity 30 Amps, sewers


$71 - pad

$73 - riverside

$75 - riverside + pad

3 services / water, electricity 50 Amps, sewers

$75 - pad

Gilligan's Island (wild camping)

$87 - Included the rental of a canoe for the duration of the stay (No dogs allowed on the island)
Security deposit of $ 100 required on a credit card upon arrival (cleanliness and respect for the curfew)


Adult: $9 per day / $5 per night

Kid (- 12 years old): $5 per day / $3 per night

Dog: $5 per day, per dog

The access card is not valid from 12 am to 6 am. It is forbidden to lend his access card to other visitors. It must be deposited in the box provided for this effect at your departure. The registration card is mandatory for ALL visitors under risk of expulsion. All rates are based on a family of 2 adults and 3 children (17 years old and under). **Rates may change at any time without prior notice.

Camping de la Diable Rules

*Plus taxes


$2 600

Edge of the pond: + $50

Riverside: + $450

Pad: $100

Sites A12,R14 AND 95 : extra charge of $300

Sites D18, 61, 64, 79 AND 96: extra charge of $200

Sites D32 and H41: extra charge of $100

Air conditioning / Electricity 30 AMP: $175 (No cover is allowed)

Electricity 50 AMP: $300 (No cover is allowed)

Battery charger: $250 (ex. golf cart)

Electric car: $100

Auxiliary refrigerator: $75 (inside a shed only)

Small fridge 4ft3 and less or wine cellar: $40

Washing machine: $25

Dryer : $75

Dishwasher: $75

Electric heater: $75 (ex. fireplace)

Kitchenette: $100

Drain: $60

Winter storage on the site: $175 ($150 if paid on renewal)

Access card: $25 (non refundable)

Additional person (same address): $175 (18 years old and +) / $65 (18 years old and -)

Dog: $50

Please note: You are responsible for registering you visitors. Illegal visitors will be expelled. Only equipment under 10 years old in good condition will be accepted

*Taxes included



with rental of 1 canoe: $50

with rental of 2 canoes or more: $40 per canoe

Without canoe rental: $30 per 1 canoe


2 h: $28

4 h: $33

Day : $45 (until 7 pm)


2 h: $26

4 h: $31

Day: $42 (until 7 pm)


Simple $5/ hour

Double $10/ hour

*Security deposit of $20 each, cash only


1 h: $15

2 h: $20

Day: $42 (until 7 pm)


Day: $90

Week-end: $175

*Adults with valid driving license and assurance only

**Security deposit of $500


2 hours $20

Day $35 (until 7 pm)


30 minutes: $10 per person

60 minutes: $15 per person

* Children must be accompanied by an adult

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, dogs are allowed, however, it must be kept on a leash at all times and must be held by an adult only. Yelping and aggressive dogs are not tolerated and will be refused. A fee of $5 per dog, per day, applies.

Yes, the cost is $1 for about 7 minutes and requires $1 coins.

Yes, we offer Wifi service on the site.

The arrival time is from 2pm and the departure time is 1pm. If you wish to arrive earlier or leave later, please informe the reception before, charges may be applied.

Visitors are welcome, however before entering the campsite, they must register themselves at the reception and pay their entry. Offenders will be fined and expelled immediately.

The curfew is at 11pm. After 11pm, we demand absolute silence around the campfire. The tranquility and respect of all are our priorities. All visitors must leave for curfew.

Yes, for the safety of everyone, all vehicles of any kind must not exceed 8 hm/h

Yes, it is allowed to listen to music, at low volume so the sound should only be heard on your campground. You must provide respect to your neighbors and we do prioritize the respect of all. The music curfew is at 10pm, which after, no music will be tolerated.

Cancellation policy: less than 7 days before the arrival date, no refund on the deposit. Over 7 days, refund of the deposit less $23 for administration fees. Any displacement or diminution of your stay will allow $23 for administration fees.